08.06.12 : Konzert im Konsumat : Joe Astray

Joe Astray ein ein dufter Typ aus Australien / Freiburg / Karlsruhe, mit ’ner Gibson spielt er am 8. Juni 2012 im Kulturmat/Konsumat, Weihestraße 19 (Hinterhaus). Das Konzert beginnt um 20 Uhr. Der Eintritt ist Frei, um Spenden wird gebeten. Joe Astray

Joe Astray stands for authentic indie-folk-pop. Nothing is left to chance and his songs are much more uncompromising than what you get offered elsewhere. It is indeed true that he works with an acoustic guitar. But where other musicians try to deal with their lovesickness by whispering tearjerkers, Joe Astray is taking the offensive. His songs, sometimes sad, often tragic, but never maudlin or cheesy, are first and foremost one thing: Pure ROCK!


Quelle: PM Kulturmat

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